Privacy and Cookies

What we know about you... Woooooooooo....

We don't have any sort of account hookup on the site yet, so as far as us sharing any of your details with third parties, well that's pretty much not going to happen since we're not collecting anything in the first place.

That being said though, we do have a couple of bits lying around the place that you might notice if you open up your dev tools and start sniffing about the place, so lets talk about those.

Google Analytics Tag Manager

To keep track of our service, and to hopefully ensure we continue to make this free service better for our users, we track site usage with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, both of which we enable via Google Tag Manager.

We've really got no idea how it works beyond telling you that we use it.

user_agrees cookie

Hilariously the only cookie that sits on our own domain is a cookie that is required to keep track of whether you, the user, have agreed to accept the use of cookies. The Irony...

Damn... Youtube too.

Since we added in that ironic video from Youtube there's most likely some sort of cookie tracking involved if you played that video... We embedded it with "Privacy-Enhanced Mode" enabled, so hopefully it won't track you until you actually play the video. There may be more of these lying around the place. Sorry about that.

If you don't agree with all of this then. you know. On you jog...