We've killed this project

Sorry. We nixed this project in August 2020 to concentrate on other things.

A little introduction...

Wastingspace.org is a tool anyone can use to test their own site to see how efficiently their website is running. So far we've tested 211716 websites and calculated an average waste value of 11.062%

The line illustration / outline of three people, used to describe US Citizens.

44,583 US Citizens

44,583 US Citizens could be supplied with power if we stopped transmitting garbage in HTML alone...

A line illustration of a factory, with three chimneys. Smoke is coming out of the right chimney.

59,754 Tons of Coal

Just in transmitting space for HTML

see our working out...

An illustration of an illuminated light bulb.

9,679,432,128 kWh

If All web traffic used our average value of 11.062% we'd be wasting 9,679,432,128 kWh

An illustration of a winners trophy. There is a 5 pointed star on the front of it and two handles either side of the trophy.

97.85% Wasted Space

This is the worst offender on our site currently.

An illustration of a file icon, with GZIP written in the middle to indicate a GZIP file type.

83.26% sites tested use GZIP

Our latest update (26th May 2018) now detects GZIP in tests.

We're no longer supporting this project.

Thanks for all the support over the last 2 years.